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About Tokat

Tokat is the capital city of Tokat Province of Turkey in the mid-Black Sea region of Anatolia.It is located at the confluence of the Tokat River (TokatSuyu) with the Yeşilırmak.

Tokat is a historical city, having important historical buildings and monuments mostly from Seljuq, Ilkhanate and Ottoman eras. The most important landmark is Tokat Castle, an Ottoman citadel with 28 towers on a rocky hill overlooking the town. Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula) was imprisoned in one of its dungeons. Other sights include the remains of several Greek Orthodox churches and a cathedral,the Garipler Mosque dating to the 12th century, the Ali Paşa Mosque (16th century), and the GökMedrese (PervaneBeyDarussifasi), which was constructed in 1270. It was founded as a school of theology, and is now converted into a museum, housing archaeological finds from the area.

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1. Historical Tokat City Tour-900 years in 900 steps
2. Almus Dam Lake Tour
3. Ballıca Cave Tour
4. Amasya City Tour

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