Making Difference:

We experienced that each and every individual in this world, has a huge responsibility toward human life. When we get ready to accept our responsibilities we will realize that we are going to discover the reasons for getting respect from our society in return.  After successful contribution of the following projects, we have realized that the main indicator of greatness and respect is taking responsibility.

(CMEEF) Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund Merit and Need Based Scholarships for Management Sciences and Computer Science

(July 2013 to Date)
Ongoing Endowment
Rs. 500 Million


With the approval of Honorable Chief Minister KPK the Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund is established in the Province of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with a purpose to enable brilliant students to carry out their studies in high ranked national or international institutions challenged by lack or shortage of finances. This financial aid program was primarily designed by Grants Office IM|Sciences and Under the supervision of Higher Education Department Govt of KPK,  IM|Sciences is proudly selected as one of the implementing partner institute among the total 10 Higher Education Institutes in the fields of management, medical, engineering, information technology and social sciences.

Funded by: Govt of KPK

FATA Secretariat Financial Aid Programme – Establishment of Endowment Fund for Management Sciences and Research

(Mar 2010 to Date)
20 Years Project


Based on the development need of FATA region, IM|Sciences has recently achieved another milestone in the shape of “IM|Sciences FATA Scholarship Program” with the cooperation of FATA Secretariat Peshawar. This new valuable scholarship program is funded by FATA Secretariat Peshawar for the duration of next 20 years. This program focuses on equal access of FATA students to graduate and post graduate degree courses in IM|Sciences.  Under this program The FATA Secretariat, Govt of Pakistan shall provide Rs. 128 million to create endowment fund for scholarships / financial aid to FATA students.

Funded by: FATA Secretariat, Govt of Pakistan

FATA Secretariat Financial Aid Programme – Establishment of Endowment Fund for Management Sciences and Research

(July 2012 till date)
5 Years Project
Rs. 31.77 Million


The Federal Government, in move to support the educational sector of less developed areas of Balochistan, Gilgit/ Baltistan, FATA, Interior Sindh, South Punjab, Malakand, Kohistan and D.I. Khan areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to pay the tuition fee of all the students of these areas studying in Masters, M.S, M. Phil in the Public Sector Universities of their respective area of domicile and all Public Sector Universities of Pakistan for Ph. D.On 2nd June of 2014, at Governor House KP, Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif (Chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Programme) handed over a cheque of Rs 14,744,550/- as the 1st installment for our three hundred and ten (310) MS / Masters and Ph. D Level Students who belong to less developed areas of Pakistan. Its notice worthy that The total approved budget for these students isRs. 31,773,988/-. A total of 95 students from less developed areas attended this valuable event.

Funded by: Govt of Pakistan

World Bank and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Financial Aid Development Programme for Public Sector Universities of KPK and Students of Business Administration

(May 2012 to Jan 2016)
4 Years Project


As per the World Bank overall objective of Poverty Alleviation, this project financed 109 business education students for fully funded need based merit scholarships at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar. This programme focused on 20 new and 11 old partner universities under Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The total impact of this project is $ 10,672,358.94 including 6000 scholarships for the next 5 years.

These 109 students were evaluated on the basis of their demographic and financial details and were finally selected out of 777 total applicants. The geographical spread of this programme included 21 different districts of KPK, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and the country at large. This programme is aimed at providing equal access of talented but financially needy students to quality business education. The applicants who belong to rural, disasters affected and conflict affected areas of the country and were unable to enter higher education due to financial constraints, were evaluated and selected on need basis.

Funded by: World Bank

United States Education Foundation of Pakistan Global / Cultural Exchange Programmes

 (Leadership Exchange, Comparative Public Policy, NESA – North East South Asia Exchange, Women Leadership, SUSI – Study of the United States Institutes for Student Leaders programmes)

(Nov 2010 to Apr 2012)



According to the United States Education Foundation of Pakistan which has top priority for students from marginalized communities of Pakistan to provide them international exposure in top world ranking universities of USA for 1 semester non degree study in USA under USEFP Undergraduate Global Exchange Programme. The portfolio of this project included sub categories of Leadership Exchange, Comparative Public Policy, North East South Asia Exchange, and Women Leadership Programme. Out of total thousands of applicants from all over the country, a total of 61 students were prepared and they got selected from IM|Sciences in five consecutive batches to study in USA for 1 semester duration. These students are selected from far flung areas of Chitral, FATA, PATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Lakki Marwat, Charsadda, Swabi and Karak etc.

Sponsor: United States International Agency for Development (USAID)

USAID Funded Financial Aid Programme for Business Administration

June 2004 to April 2012

Summary: This financial aid project comprised of 166 fully funded Based Merit Scholarships for Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar. This initiative aimed at financially supporting business administration students of Pakistan universities. This programme provided equal opportunities to talented students who belong to rural, disasters affected and conflict affected areas of the country and were unable to enter higher education due to financial constraints. This is not mere a scholarship programme, but it has stimulated the culture of giving, transparency and outreach practices at IM|Sciences. As there is an extension of this program to eighteen (18) more sister universities in Pakistan, our team is excited to demonstrate their potentialities for achieving the objectives and overall success of this programme.

Funded by: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

British High Commission Financial Aid Programme in Public Administration

Dec 2008 to March 2011


Summary: The purpose of this financial aid project was to develop a workforce of young leaders from marginalized communities of the country for the utilization of updated knowledge in public administration, policy analysis and public budgeting. This project financed 30 graduates in Masters of Public Administration.

Sponsor: Afghan/Pak Conflict Prevention Pool Political Section, British High Commission (DFID)

Japanese International Cooperation Agency Development Fund for Information Technology and Business Administration

(May 2006 to Mar 2010)



The mutual cooperation between Japan and Pakistan is reflected by this financial aid project for young generation who belong to lower social class of the society. This project delivered 33 graduates in the fields of information technology and business administration.

Sponsor: Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

HEC  French  Govt  Funded  Need  Based  Merit Scholarship and Cultural Exchange Program for  Business Administration and Social Science

(July 2012 to Dec 2012)
4 Years Project


His Excellency Mr. Philippe THIEBAUD, Honorable Ambassador of France to Pakistan approved this distinctive fully funded French Govt Sponsored need based scholarships to financially needy but talented students at the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar. Under the supervision  of  Higher  Education  Commission  of  Pakistan,  these  scholarships  were  awarded  among  deserving  applicants  of  business administration and social sciences both at graduate and undergraduate levels Session 2012-2016.

Funded by: Govt of France

Post Disaster / Conflict IDPs Financial Aid Programme for Malakand Division and Swat
(2009 Refugee Crisis in Pakistan)

(May 2010 to June 2011)


The 2009 refugee crisis in Pakistan is the colossal displacement of civilians in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan that is occurring due to Pak Army’s Operation Black Thunderstorm. Due to this operation over 1.2 million people have been displaced in across Pakistan’s KPK, joined by a further 555,000 Pakistanis uprooted by fighting since August 2008. The country still is indulged in reconstruction and development of these Pakistani Nationals who have status of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Most of these IDPs belong to Buner, Lower Dir, Swat, Mingora, Shangla and Chitral. This financial aid programme was initiated to support the relocation and higher education cost of 232 students who belong to the IDPs families and studies in the Institute.
Sponsor: United States International Agency for Development (USAID)

Khushhali Bank Limited (Microfinance) Financial Aid Programme in Management Sciences, Developmental Economics, Public Administration and Information Technology

(May 2006 to Apr 2012) $284,718.77


This project proved an acme of investment practices in higher education, keeping in view the conflicted region of Federally Administrative Tribal Areas.  This project deliverables included but not limited to development and change ambassadors in shape of 95 distinctive graduate belonging to FATA and studying in IM|Sciences Peshawar, in fields of microfinance, business studies, developmental economics and information technology.
Sponsor: United States International Agency for Development (USAID)

Upper FATA Livelihood Development Financial Aid Programme in Business Administration, Public Administration, IT and Research

(Mar 2009 to May 2011)$ 114,418.25 

With the cooperation of FATA Development Authority Govt of Pakistan, a total of 25 students from conflict zone of Upper FATA were attracted for financial aid programme for the duration of 2 years study in IMSciences Peshawar. This opportunity focused on inculcating leadership qualities in deserving and talented youngsters. These awards were distributed among the disciplines of business administration, public policy, public administration, information technology and research.
Sponsor: US Govt and FATA Development Authority Govt of Pakistan

Upper FATA Livelihood Development “Experience America Cultural Exchange Programme for FATA Students”

(Mar 2009 to May 2011) $495,158.42 

With the cooperation of FATA Development Authority Govt of Pakistan, a total of 10 students from conflict zone of FATA region were sent abroad on cultural exchange programme to US prominent universities under the programme “Experience America Cultural Exchange Programme for FATA Students”. The purpose of this initiative was to promote leadership, tolerance, cultural integration and academic excellence.
Sponsor: US Govt and FATA Development Authority Govt of Pakistan
Meezan Islamic Bank Limited Ihsan Trust Student Loan Scheme in Applied Economics

(Mar 2009 to May 2011)

Rs. 8.05 Million

The Meezan Islamic Bank Limited, Ihsan Trust extended its cooperation from Karachi and provided student loans to 32 students of Applied Economics in 4 years under graduate programme. The purpose of this financial aid was to realize in stakeholders the importance of public private partnership between corporate sector and IMSciences. This best example of corporate social responsibility resulted in noticeable social mobility of youngsters who belong to marginalized communities of Pakistan.
Sponsor: Meezan Islamic Bank Limited, Ihsan Trust Karachi, Pakistan