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Program Objectives

MBA Banking & Finance has been specifically designed to provide an all-inclusive professional and academic training that covers various aspects of banking and finance. Graduates of this program are expected to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the fields of banking law and practice, financial institutions, marketing of financial services, and business enterprises operating under information technology.

Banking & Finance is a rigorous 3½ years program. According to the recent roadmap of the HEC, students can discontinue their study after successful completion of two years and opt for a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) degree in Banking & Finance or decide to continue with a 1½ years MBA Banking & Finance. BBS Banking & Finance degree holders are also be eligible for admission in MS.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates with two years of Bachelor degree (fourteen years of education) preferably in business related subjects are eligible to apply for the MBA (Banking & Finance) 3.5Year Program

Degree Requirements

For MBA (Banking & Finance) 3.5Year Program, a candidate is required to complete course work of at least 84 credit hours and a research project of 6 credit hours or two further elective courses.


IMSciences rules for grading & evaluation, GPA requirements, academic calendar, attendance, and withdrawal from courses are applicable to the MBA Banking & Finance Program as well.

Semester Wise Breakup of Courses

Semester 1

S.No Course Title Credit Hours
1 Principles Of Banking 3
2 Business Mathematics And Statistics 3
3 Management 3
4 Accounting For Managers 3
5 Economics 3

Semester 2

S.No Course Title Credit Hours
1 Organizational Behavior In Banks 3
2 Legal Studies 3
3 Central, Commercial, And Corporate Banking 3
4 Marketing Of Banking and Financial Services 3
5 Freshman English 3

Semester 3

S.No Course Title Credit Hours
1 Financial Management 3
2 Elective 1 3
3 Business Research Methods 3
4 International Business Finance 3
5 E-Business & E-Banking 3

Semester 4

S.No Course Title Credit Hours
1 Corporate Strategy 3
2 Investment Finance 3
3 Elective II 3
4 Elective III & IV or Research Thesis 6

After successful completion of two years (four semesters) a candidate may opt for a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) degree in Banking & Finance or decide to continue with a 1½ years MBA Banking & Finance. Both the BBS and MBA degrees may be offered with specialization in Islamic Banking & Finance, International Banking & Finance, or Consumer & Micro Finance.

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