IM|Sciences is rigorously working alongside international development organizations, corporate sector and donor agencies to provide higher education opportunities to local and marginalized communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including FATA and the country at large by a well developed Resource Generation Mechanism. The aim of strengthening the Institute in resource generation procedures is to facilitate and meet the expectations of financially constrained but talented students of the Institute through our robust outreach and communication strategies.

IM|Sciences has funded a significant number of students who had financial constraints and were unable to continue their education. In session 2012-2013, under 43 financial aid / scholarship programs, a total of 1144 students, which is 41 % of the total strength has been provided financial support worth Rs. 144.34/- Million, in the form of need-and-merit based scholarships, interest free student loans, siblings-fee-rebate, work study and global cultural exchange programs.

The following financial aid / scholarship programs are available at IM|Sciences for the financially needy and talented students.

IM|Sciences Fully Funded FATA Scholarship Program for BBS

Based on the development need of FATA region, IM|Sciences has recently achieved another milestone in the shape of “IM|Sciences FATA Scholarship Program” with the cooperation of FATA Secretariat Peshawar. This new valuable scholarship program is funded by FATA Secretariat Peshawar for the duration of next 20 years. This program focuses on equal access of FATA students to graduate and post graduate degree courses at IM|Sciences. A total of eight (8) students were awarded this scholarship in BBS Session 2012.

These scholarships are available in the discipline of BBS. The award covers full tuition fee support and monthly stipend for transportation, accommodation, books and incidental charges for the 2 years study program in IM|Sciences. Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply because, 30 % seats are reserved for female students for increased gender ratio in higher education.

Only FATA domiciled students can apply for this scholarship program. Priority will be given to those candidates who have completed their SSC examination from institutions located inside FATA. The scholarship application form for this program has been provided with admission prospectus. The final list of selected scholarship holders will be announced before the last date of submission of admission fee. All the applicants have to submit their scholarship application forms with admission forms. Incomplete and late application forms will not be entertained.

Prime Minister’s Tuition Fee Payment Scheme for Masters / M.S / M.Phil and Ph. D Students of Balochistan, Gilgit / Baltistan and FATA

The Federal Government, in move to support the educational sector of less developed areas of Balochistan, Gilgit/ Baltistan, FATA, Interior Sindh, South Punjab, Malakand, Kohistan and D.I. Khan areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to pay the tuition fee of all the students of these areas studying in Masters, M.S, M. Phil in the Public Sector Universities of their respective area of domicile and for PhD all Public Sector Universities of Pakistan.

The scheme is focused on enhancing opportunities for access to higher education especially to talented but financially constrained students belonging to remote and far flung areas of the country who despite possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The fee disbursement would be ensured through a transparent and well defined mechanism. Under this innovative and special scheme, along with tuition fee, the federal government have paid other academic, incidental, or mandatory fees charged by educational institutions as one-off or on a per semester basis of Masters, MS/ M. Phil and PhD students of selected areas. For further details please visit:

IMSciences Merit Based Partial Scholarships BBS / MBA (3 Semesters) and MPA

IMSciences Partial Scholarships are merit based and awarded to undergraduate and graduate level students depending on IMSciences admission test final weightage. A total of two hundred and fifty (250) students were awarded partial scholarships in session 2012. This scholarship program is available for BBS, MBA (3 Semesters), and MPA disciplines. At the undergraduate level seventy (70) percent and at graduate level sixty five (65) percent fee relaxation is provided. Scholars are tenable to hold their scholarships for the whole duration of the program.

IM│Sciences Academic Talent Gender Based Merit Scholarships for BBS (Banking & Finance)

The BBS (Banking & Finance) is run in collaboration with the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP), the premier knowledge institute & professional examining body of Pakistan. The IM|Sciences Academic Talent Gender Based Scholarship Programme is for individuals of extraordinary merit and potential. The beneficiaries would be best potential candidates for a leading role in banking sector in future. The award distribution is equality based among male and female students. The programme is renewable for 100% tuition fee award in all semesters. The successful candidates are expected to be in top 10 positions in this programme with minimum 3.00 CGPA at the end of each semester.

IMSciences Trust Semester Wise Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are purely based on merit and are granted to the most intelligent students of IM|Sciences who demonstrate their intellectual capabilities and achieve the maximum GPA in each Semester. These scholarships are granted in all eight semesters at undergraduate and four semesters at graduate level respectively. In session 2012, a total of 146 students were awarded this scholarship.

Dr. Hidayatullah Need Based Merit Scholarships

This scholarship program is established and funded by the faculty and staff members of IM|Sciences for the benefit of those financially needy students who face financial hindrances in the middle or final stages of their study program. Under this financial aid program, IM|Sciences has successfully facilitated a total of forty one (41) such students from different disciplines and backgrounds for the completion of their higher education studies in IM|Sciences.

IM|Sciences Brother Sister Fee Rebate

Through this programme, the IMSciences offers 50% fee rebate to students if their brother/sister study at IMSciences. A total of 102 students were awarded fee rebate during session 2012.

Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program (5000 Fellowships)

The specific objective of the 5000 Indigenous Scholarship Scheme which is initiated by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, is to create a critical mass of highly qualified human resources in all fields of studies taught at the advanced level in local universities. These locally qualified academics and researchers will improve the R&D potential of public as well as private universities and it will also strengthen the local industrial sector.

With the launching of the scheme, research culture in public/private sector Universities has been developed in accordance with International norms/standards. This project is focused at diversified disciplines belonging to all fields of Science & Technology as well as Social Sciences, Humanities and Life Sciences. To enhance the research facilities in these fields the Higher Education Commission has funded many Departments/Universities to establish research labs. This has brought tremendous change in research culture of the Pakistani Universities. In Session 2011 total 4 students in MS Management Sciences and MS Information Technology are awarded this valuable scholarship. For further details please visit

Workers Welfare Board Directorate of Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Scholarship Program

This program is administered by Workers Welfare Board, Directorate of Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the benefit of those students whose parents are registered labor employees in industrial sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The scholarship covers full tuition fee support and other charges including transport, accommodation, library and computer lab charges.

IM|Sciences Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship Program

With cooperation of Frontier Education Foundation, these scholarships are on the basis of merit-cum-in affordability. In academic year 2012, FEF provided a total of ten (10) scholarships to IMSciences students. The grant provides Rs. 24,000/- per annum for tuition fee support. The award is renewable in 2nd year on the basis of academic performance. This scholarship scheme is available for the following graduate level programmes.

  1. BBS
  2. MBA (3 Semesters)
  3. MS (Management Sciences)
  4. MS (Applied Economics)
  5. MS (Computer Science)
  6. MS (IT)
  7. MPA
  8. MPH
  9. M.Sc (Development Studies)
  10. M.Sc (Finance)
  11. M.Sc (Applied Economics) and
  12. 12. M.Sc (Computer Science)

Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan (AKESP) Scholarships for Students of Chitral

These scholarships are provided by Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan for students from Chitral. These scholarships are comprised of 50 % scholarship and 50 % student loan with flexible pay-back duration.

Fauji Foundation Excellence Award for Higher Professional Courses

These scholarships are awarded by Fauji Foundation for wards of Army Retired personnel. These awards are on annual basis and are renewable. The average amount of this scholarship is Rs. 12,000/- per annum and also depends on parents ranking in Pak Army.

Fauji Foundation Excellence Award for Higher Professional Courses

These scholarships are provided by Fauji Foundation to wards of Army Retired personnel. These awards are on annual basis and are renewable. The average amount of this scholarship is Rs. 12,000/- per annum and also depends on parents ranking in Pak Army.

P.A.F Shaheen Fellowships

These scholarships are awarded by Pakistan Air Force, Shaheen Foundation to the children of commissioned employees in PAF. These scholarships are awarded at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The average amount of this scholarship is Rs. 12,000/- per annum and also depends on parents ranking in PAF.

FFC (Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited) Ward of Farmers Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by Fauji Fertilizers Company Ltd., for wards of farmers. The award is disbursed on semester basis. The amount of this scholarship is Rs. 9,000/- per annum.

UNESCO Scholarship Program

These scholarships are awarded by UNESCO (United Nations) to the dependants of its employees. These scholarships are awarded in both undergraduate and graduate levels. The average amount of this scholarship is 100 % tuition fee per annum and also depends on parents / Guardian ranking in UNESCO.

National Bank of Pakistan Student Loan Scheme

Pursuant to the announcement made by the Federal Finance Minister in his 2001-2002 budget speech, a Student Loan Scheme (SLS) for education was launched by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with major commercial banks of Pakistan (NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB and ABL). Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided by way of interest free loans to the meritorious students who have financial constraints for pursuing their studies in various educational institutions within Pakistan. The scheme is being administered by a high powered committee comprising Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Presidents of the commercial banks and representative of Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan.

20 % students out of the total applicants for this loan program are selected each year by the National Bank of Pakistan, for an amount of Rs. 60,000/- per annum. This loan amount is provided for 2 years at the graduate level and for 4 years at the undergraduate level. This loan is interest free and payable in 10 years duration after graduation.

Other Scholarship Programs