Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC)

“EDC is working for the betterment and social welfare of the students. We are trying to make something good and tangible for the future of Pakistan that is the youth of Pakistan.”

With the dynamic environment in the business market the corporate sector is taking steps to keep pace with the changing trends. Entrepreneurship & innovation go side by side for the economic growth & social transformation of a country. Its importance should be realized by the Govt. policy makers, corporate sector, researchers & academia of Pakistan in order to combat the challenges of globalization. It means that progress made at the local level should be brought at par with those of global progresses otherwise we would lag behind in the field of economic development & its effects on the economy would be drastic. Already our economy is in recession. Therefore, it is high time that we start giving it a serious thought.

Entrepreneurship Development Center was inaugurated in 2003 with the objective to bridge the gap between academia and industry. EDC has been working for the promotion of Entrepreneurship in the region by adapting different methods. It will try its level best to enhance productivity by bringing creativity & innovation by introducing small and medium size enterprises.