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BS English (Literature and Applied Linguistics)


In line with the guidelines provided by the HEC Pakistan, the programme has been designed in such a way as to cover the foundational areas of literature and linguistics, besides a variety of subjects from social and management sciences for diversifying the intellectual base of the students. Besides subject-specific areas, the programme also includes Sociology, HRM, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, and IT skills.


The Programme is focused on English Literature (British) and Linguistics with two major options for specialization in both the fields. Besides British classics, the course has components from local (Pashto), sub-continental (Ghalib, Tagore and Iqbal), European literature (Tolstoy, Goethe, and Dostoevsky) and American literature (Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Dickenson, Emerson, and Frost).



Students with FA/FSc or equivalent qualification, securing minimum 45% marks in aggregate, are eligible to apply.
Qualifying the admission test and interview is compulsory. 30 marks will be awarded to applicants who have studied Elective English in Intermediate.


The BS English (Literature and Linguistics) is a 4 year degree program, spread over 8 semesters. Students are required to complete 136 credit hours of study in the program.