Description of Program

Our BS in Psychology undergraduate program is a rigorous and well-rounded educational journey designed to lay a strong foundation for aspiring professionals in the field of Psychology. At IM Sciences, we uphold the highest standards of academic excellence, ensuring that our students receive up to date evidence-based education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. 

Scope of Program

The scope of BS (Psychology) in terms of employability and market demand in Pakistan is promising, with a range of opportunities in healthcare, education, corporate settings, research, and private practice. Graduates who stay updated with the latest trends and continue to enhance their skills can find rewarding career prospects in the field of psychology.

Program Objectives

The BS Psychology program is committed to fostering ethical and culturally informed practices, recognizing the significance of diversity and inclusion in the study of psychology. By exploring diverse theories, cutting-edge research, and contemporary practices in psychology, we aim to equip our students with the tools necessary to develop a deeper understanding of the human experience, navigate complex human interactions, and employ necessary analytical skills to critically evaluate and apply scientific findings, and contribute positively to society. And with hands-on experiences in research, internships, and practical training, our students will gain invaluable insights into the real-world applications of psychological principles.

Program Specifications

Degree Level 

(as per National Qualifications Framework of Pakistan)

Level 6
Exact title of the Degree Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Abbreviation of the Degree Title BS (Psychology)
Total Credit Hours 136
Minimum Duration for degree completion  

(in terms of semesters and years)

4 Years (8 Semesters)
Maximum Duration for degree completion

(in terms of semesters and years)

7 Years 

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Students with FA, FSc, or equivalent qualifications and having at least second division, securing 45% marks in aggregate are eligible to apply. Qualifying the admission test and interview is compulsory. A candidate scoring less than 40% marks each in the test and interview will stand disqualified for admission. Candidates who have secured at least 40% in the NAT are also eligible to apply.

Degree Requirements

The BS Psychology program is of a 4-year duration, spread over 8 regular semesters, and consists of 130-136 credit hours of studies. After completing the course work, every student is required to submit a Dissertation/Research Project or two elective courses of 06 credit hours in lieu of research dissertation, carrying a weight equal to 6 credit hours (200 Marks). The normal duration for completion of BS Psychology Degree is 8 semesters over a period of 4 years. The maximum duration for obtaining BS Psychology degree shall be 7 years.

Program Scheme of Studies

Semester 1
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 301 Introduction to Psychology – I Three (2+1)
PSY 302 History of Psychology Three (03)
HSS 311 Fundamentals of Sociology Three (03)
HSS 305 Fundamentals of Islamic Studies Two (02)
ENG 301 English (General) Three (03)
MTH 301 Mathematics Three (03)
Semester 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 311 Introduction to Psychology – II Three (03)
PSY 312 Neurobiological Basis of Behavior Three (03)
HSS 301 Fundamentals of Pakistan Studies Two (02)
ENG 302 English (Functional) Three (03)
 ICT 301 Office Management Tools Three (03)
ECO 301 Principles of Economics Three (03)
Semester 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 401 Developmental Psychology Three (03)
PSY 402 Theories of Personality Three (03)
ENG 401 English (Academic) Three (03)
BUS 301 Introduction to Business Three (03)
STA 402 Descriptive Statistics Three (03)
HSS 411 Introduction to Philosophy Three (03)
Semester 4
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 411 Mental Health & Psychopathology – I Three (03)
PSY 412 Social Psychology Three (03)
PSY 413 Ethics in Psychology Three (03)
HSS 505 Logic and Critical Thinking Three (03)
MGT 301 Principles of Management Three (03)
STA 411 Inferential Statistics Three (03)
Semester 5
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 421 Mental Health & Psychopathology – II Three (03)
PSY 501 Counseling and Mental Health Three (2+1)
PSY 502 Psychological Testing & Assessment – I Three (2+1)
PSY 503 Environmental Psychology Three (03)
RES 501 Research Methods Three (03)
DEV 615 Gender Studies Three (03)
Semester 6
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 511 Clinical Psychology Three (03)
PSY 512 Psychological Testing & Assessment – II Three (2+1)
PSY 513 Community Mental Health Three (2+1)
PSY 514 Positive Psychology Three (03)
RES XXX Research in Psychology Three (03)
Semester 7
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 601 Health Psychology Three (03)
PSY 602 Cross-Cultural Psychology Three (03)
PSY 603 Consumer Psychology Three (03)
PSY 604 Industrial/ Organizational Psychology Three (03)
Internship Report Three (2+1)
Semester 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 611 Forensic Psychology Three (03)
PSY 612 Educational Psychology Three (03)
PSY 613 Sports Psychology Three (03)
PSY 614 Muslim Contributions in Psychology Three (03)
RES 690 Bachelor’s Dissertation* Six (06)
*The students may take two elective courses of 06 credit hours in lieu of research dissertation