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To stimulate the IM|Sciences Alumni Association which aspires to be an eternal bond between the Institute and its family of alumni across the national and international borders, to commit them to the Institute’s missions of lifelong learning, its strategic role in the development and political economy of Pakistan. The importance of organizations and businesses where our alumni are rendering their services and their parents will be highlighted by awarding honorary membership in IMSciences Alumni.

By becoming a member of the IM|Sciences Alummni Association you become an integral and eternal part of the IM|Sciences family. Even after you have graduated you will remain a part of the family and we will stay in touch with you. More and more people are encouraged to join the family so we grow with the passage of time. We intend to develop an eternal bond with you and wish to develop and strengthen our relationship.

So, do not hesitate and become a part of the family and let’s prosper together.