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About Us

Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) is the foremost management school of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and its recognition has been extending beyond the province.IMSciences is recognized by the government as a seat of excellence, and to facilitate its further expansion and excellence in Information Technology, Business Administration, Public Health, and all allied disciplines, a Board of Governors was instituted as a policy making body. The Board of Governors is composed of eminent educationists, industrialists, prominent corporate executives, and representatives of the Provincial & Federal Government. It is a dynamic body with the skills and strengths for keeping the Institute on the track of development and productivity.

management education with public spirit and market dynamism

Philosophy of IMSciences

The philosophy of IMScience is driven by public spirit, not by profitability. Its philosophy features a sharp focus on providing education backed by a pragmatic approach to life and its challenges through intensive research in all relevant fields. The philosophy is further energized by a strong commitment to the professional development of the students for making their future economically secure and socially productive and intellectually dynamic.

The philosophy revolves around the centre of excellence in the academic achievements of our students for securing their careers in the everexpanding world of technology and industry.


Ex-Directors IMSciences


Dr. Hidayatullah Khan (Late)

Founding Director

1995 – 2003


Dr. Nasser Ali Khan

2003 – 2012


Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan

2012 – 2023